Senior Honors Projects, 2010-current

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Creative Commons License
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Date of Award

Spring 2017

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Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Honors Interdisclipinary


Kevin Hardwick

Sharon Cote

Jay Varner


The Constitutional Convention was shrouded in mystery, yet America has been confidently given a narrative of what went on behind closed doors in Philadelphia. Though most of our authentic records of what went on were written by men assumed to be reliable, the deeper one reads into history the more unreliable they become, recent evidence even suggesting that James Madison altered his notes on the Convention years after it was concluded. What if our perception of history is flawed and the Convention was not the glorious meeting of intellectual giants but instead a town hall full of immature behemoths who could no more hammer out a compromise than they could resist a beer? What if, furthermore, an outrageous narrative existed and has recently been rediscovered? This is the satire presented. Drawing from historical sources to create an image of the American founding that undermines many modern narratives in an entertaining manner, the outlandish narrative is not as far from the truth as you might think.

Available for download on Tuesday, April 09, 2019