Senior Honors Projects, 2010-current

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Date of Award

Fall 2017

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)


School of Nursing


Karen A. Weeks

Elizabeth K. Herron

Christine X. Fasching-Maphis


The literature review that was conducted focuses on exploring the most effective way to prevent development of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) as a late effect of childhood obesity or risk thereof. Our research focused on the 8-10 year old at-risk and obese pediatric populations and whether the use of interactive educational interventions in the community setting can be of use to reduce CVD development and improve overall health status. Our findings determined that interactive educational interventions early in childhood can improve health outcomes for these populations and prevent subsequent development of CVD. We minimized the inclusion of all research whose evidence was categorized as a level I. Limitations to our review included focusing on the pediatric population between the ages of 8 and 10 years at risk for or already diagnosed as obese, rather than on the entirety of the population. A second limitation involves research in that it should be conducted to determine how results vary between children who modify both diet and exercise routines as compared to those who only modify one.

woolfap_bingo.pdf (110 kB)
Attached are the Bingo boards my group and I created for utilization during the implementation phase of our project.

Thesis Poster.pptx (1232 kB)
Attached is the poster my group and I created for presentation at the Honors Symposium on 12/01/17.

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