Senior Honors Projects, 2010-2019

Transfer student internal consulting project

Jennifer Lynn Helenek, James Madison University
Cory John Petinga
Ryan William Wimble


The transfer process that students are facing when transferring into both James Madison University (JMU) and the College of Business (COB) is not an ideal transition. The problem will be analyzed from both a national and a local perspective through both quantitative and qualitative research. Nationally, these problems include the inability for transfers to be both socially and academically involved, the cultural differences between community colleges and four-year universities, and the strained relationships between community colleges and four-year universities. Each of these national problems are apparent at JMU to some degree. These national problems are put into perspective by analyzing these issues within JMU’s environment and when considering the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). Key solutions include adding some components to the orientation program this population goes through to make it a more meaningful experience, increasing the resources offered to transfer students before they arrive at JMU, increasing the resources given to newly transitioned students, and facilitating a smooth social transition through a variety of ideas. These solutions, along with many others, are backed up by the data, and their significance in addressing the challenges transfer students face are highlighted as well. This project aims to help transfer students successfully assimilate into the College of Business and tries to make their college experience as ideal as the experience of native students.