Senior Honors Projects, 2010-2019

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Creative Commons License
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Fall 2015

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

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Deaprtment of Nursing


Deborah Gleason

Erika Metzler Sawin


It is an unfortunate truth that a child with cancer will experience pain or anxiety during their battle with illness. Research shows that Interactive Music Therapy is extremely effective at the bedside of hospitalized pediatric cancer patients in reducing pain (Thrane, 2013; Huang, Good, Zauszniewski, 2010; Potvin, Bradt, Kesslick, 2015; Naylor, Kingsnorth, Lamont, McKenever, 2011; Tanriverdi, Aydemir, 2013) and anxiety (Callaghan, Dun, Baron, Barry, 2012; Thrane, 2013; Potvin et al., 2015; Docherty, Cherven, Stegenga, Ferguson, Roll, Stickler, Haase, 2012; Robb et al.,. 2008; Kemper, Bouhairie, Martin, Woods 2008; Tanriverdi, Aydemir, 2013). In cancer centers, the demand is quickly growing for adjunctive therapies to support sick children (Barry, O’Callaghan, Wheeler, Grocke, 2010). The purpose of this project is to review and evaluate current evidence surrounding the use of interactive music therapy for pediatric oncology patients. Implications of the research and methods for implementing holistic and interactive nursing care will be explored.



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