Senior Honors Projects, 2010-2019

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Creative Commons License
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Fall 2018

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Bachelor of Arts (BA)


School of Theatre and Dance


Kate Arecchi

Pam Johnson

Benjamin C. Lambert


The research question forming the basis of this project was “What can I learn about directing and who I am as a director by researching the processes of others and applying aspects of them to a production of Sheila Callaghan’s Scab?” For my research, I first learned as much as possible about the processes of several professional directors, by means of personal interviews and secondary research. I selected directors who I had worked with previously and wished to learn more from, whose methods I believed would be useful as I directed a production of Scab, and/or on whose methods substantial literature had been published. Scab, by Sheila Callaghan, is a high-speed postmodern play filled with vivid poetic language and unapologetic dark humor. It is a story of friendship, lust, grief, deception, and resilience. Within the context of this Capstone Project, directing Scab in the Studio Theatre in the Forbes Center for the Performing Arts functioned as a vehicle for testing specific rehearsal exercises, directing tools, and models of script analysis that I believed could further my growth as a director and could potentially be of use in future directing endeavors. Through my research process and the experience of directing Scab, I discovered and practiced working with several directing tools—some of which I plan to use again in the future based on their fruitful results. My work on this project and on Scab have taught me a great deal about directing, about leadership and collaboration, and about my own skills, tendencies, passions, and aspirations. My hope is that, in sharing my findings in this paper, I can also provide a resource to other young directors who are embarking on similar journeys of self-discovery and of developing their craft.



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