Senior Honors Projects, 2010-2019

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Bachelor of Arts (BA)


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Wren R. Stevens


This project seeks to investigate the ways in which nature shaped the culture of ancient Persia through technology, architecture, agriculture, and art. Furthermore, this project investigates how the symbols and mentalities of ancient Persia were carried forward into the early-modern period. Achaemenid Persia and Babylon are studied as societies which influenced one another and combined to create the foundation of Persian culture as it is currently understood, which then combined in later centuries with other Middle Eastern and Central Asian cultural movements to produce the Safavid and Mughal Empires. The Safavids and Mughals imitated and revived Persian culture in order to legitimize their empires, combining Persian and Islamic worldviews in the process. All of these empires are studied with the intent of uncovering how nature was viewed and understood in these societies, as well as how nature influenced religious practices and was used to legitimize political power.



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