Senior Honors Projects, 2020-current

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Ingrid De Sanctis

Jessica Del Vecchio

Shaun Wright


As the lights dim and the curtain rises on a theatrical production, there are roles to fill onstage and off. Perhaps the most important roles in modern theatre are those of leadership. Leaders in the arts have the power to influence company communication, shape the culture of the rehearsal room and navigate through a crisis. However, leadership and power can be manipulated, as the world witnessed through the ‘me too’ movement. As allegations rose against prominent leaders, the push for change strengthened. We are now three years past Hollywood’s ignition of the ‘me too’ movement, which prompts the question: have the protocols and standards of leadership improved in the artistic workplace?

In an effort to understand the current practices of leadership in theatre, operate productively as a young woman in the arts and inspire like-minded theatre individuals, I created an interview-style documentary. This 30 minute piece follows intimacy and fight director Cara Rawlings (Virginia Tech), literary manager and dramaturg Anne Morgan (American Shakespeare Center), and deputy artistic director Seema Sueko (Arena Stage). They share pivotal stories of their careers and offer advice for aspiring theatre artists as they enter the post ‘me too’ theatre community.

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