International Journal on Responsibility


IJR will provide publications in different formats. One format will accept a range of submissions on a range of topics that deal with various aspects of responsibility. Another format will be organized around special topics — such as intervention, climate change, nonviolence — and/or contemporary issues such as the policing and protests in Ferguson and Baltimore guest edited by specialists in the given field. Special editions will be invited submissions, with the possibility that those who submit can read and respond to all submissions. A third format for consideration is a peer reviewed “student papers” edition or the inclusion of the winner of “best student paper” in the journal. Within the third format, students could also serve as peer reviewers (with faculty oversight).

Paper Submissions (6,000-8,000 words)

The journal accepts submissions on the full range of topics related to responsibility as well as special editions dedicated to one topic.

Book Reviews (800 words)

Authors and publishers are encouraged to send review copies of their recent related books to the following address. Received books will be listed as Books Received within the journal's News & Announcements section.

90 Bluestone Drive, MSC 1205

James Madison University

Harrisonburg, VA 22807

E-mail: beitzetd@jmu.edu