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The migration surge into the borders of the European Union has become a major problem in Europe as it has led to several challenges to societal integration and political legitimacy. It is also a danger to cultural identity, domestic and labour market stability as well as internal security, such that a migrant is often perceived as a threat to European society. The first part of the paper attempts to throw light on this migration-security nexus in Europe and how migration has developed into a security issue. The second part discusses how the two crises of migration and terrorism have come to be intrinsically associated with each other. The refugee crisis and the terrorism threat are related in the minds of many Europeans as they believe incoming refugees increase the likelihood of terrorism in their country. The paper argues that the political process of the securitization of migration and its association to terrorism abuse takes place within a wider politicization in which immigrants are a security threat. The concluding part of the paper examines the evolution of the European migration policy from the terrorist attacks of 9/11 up to the surge of the pandemic Covid-19 with an institutional perspective.

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