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Migration has been a dynamic phenomenon from the evolution of the human species. It affects various aspects of life and gets affected by different determinants around us. Various studies have been done in this field to comprehend the phenomenon and still, there are distinct aspects of it that need more attention. One such aspect is the psychological health of migrants. Migration is an inevitable process of human life that’s why understanding the phenomenon becomes very imperative. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become crucial to study this aspect of migration. Various changes took place very rapidly as the covid-19 hit the world. People were left in uncertainty in comprehending the situation. Among those people, one of the most vulnerable groups was the migrant workers. This paper attempts to understand migration by discussing why people migrate and what are the major factors behind the movement. Further, the types of migration are also discussed to gain a more holistic perspective on the topic. After that, a case study of the plight of Indian migrant workers has been taken to understand the psychological effects of Covid-19 among migrant workers. A very strong social protection policy is required. Some measures of immediate response could be providing community shelters and community kitchens. Apart from these initiatives is also very significant to recognise that it is individuals who need to be more aware and responsible for their health securities.

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