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Technology change is difficult for everyone, even under the best circumstances. A collaboratively-developed communication plan can ease stress and foster buy-in. Come participate in a workshop where we will show-and-tell best practices and examples of successful communication plans, then offer structured activities where you will develop your own plan, either for an actual project or a sample scenario we will offer. You’ll get immediate peer feedback on your ideas, and will have the opportunity to ask facilitators and other participants questions about specific challenges.

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Comm-Plan-Self-Checkout.docx (23 kB)
Communication Plan Example: Self-Checkout

Comm-Plan-JSTOR-Forum.docx (42 kB)
Artstor & JSTOR Forum Communication Plan

Comm-Plan-Web-Redesign.docx (19 kB)
Communication Plan Worksheet:

Comm-Plan-Best-Practices.docx (22 kB)
Best Practices for Communication Plans