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As libraries support OER across an institution, that support looks different in each discipline. In teaching future educators, building early awareness of Open Education Resources (OER) for preservice teachers creates a foundation for future growth. In a higher ed institution's College of Education, librarians and instructional designers interact with both faculty educators and students that are completing a degree to become PK-12 educators. Libraries can help build OER awareness through in-class instruction, outreach pop-up events, and online resource guides. The Library began this project in an effort to raise awareness of OER concepts before the students begin their professional teaching careers. By gaining awareness while they are in teacher preparation programs, the Library hopes that the new teachers can be aware of the possibilities of OER and champion these resources in their future schools. This presentation explores how the library supports each of these intervention methods, with strategies that are applicable to multiple academic disciplines. The presentation will explore strategies for determining initial awareness in the student population, intervention implementation strategies, and potential challenges encountered during a multi-year Library led OER awareness implementation. Participants will gain ideas for strategies to increase awareness of OER concepts and resources, and consider ways libraries can build the foundation to support faculty and students in understanding and using OER.

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