A Bellwether for All Library Services in the Future: A Review of User-Centered Library Integrations with Learning Management Systems

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Summer 8-2017

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Much has been written about the academic library's presence in Learning Management Systems (LMS). The literature primarily focuses on technical design and implementation of library tools within a given learning management system at a given college or university. While such articles can be helpful for institutions exploring how to blend library services with LMSs, few provide insight on user needs in the context of student learning. Articles that mention user needs often do so in relation to how well a system operates in order to make iterative functional changes. The authors of this literature review believe user attitudes, expectations, and perceptions of library integrations are the foundation for a successful integration. In this review, the authors examine the current body of library-LMS integration literature that incorporates evaluation instruments and resulting data showing student and faculty expectations and perceptions of library integrations with the LMS.

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