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Cathryn Molloy

Angela Crow

Scott Lunsford


An Exploration of Embodiment, Narrative Identity, and Healing in Dungeons and Dragons is composed of two sister articles: the first is titled Me, Myself, and My D&D Character: The Recursive Process of Embodiment and Narrative Identity in Dungeons and Dragons, and the second is titled Dungeons and Dragons as a Site of Healing: Towards Embodied Writing as Healing. Dungeons and Dragons, or D&D, is a fantasy role-playing game where a Dungeon Master, leader and rules referee, leads a group of players acting as fantasy characters, or avatars, through a story together where outcomes are determined by rolling dice. Since players role-play their designated characters alongside other players, I pose that D&D is a rich and recursive process where players embody their characters through experiences similar to and different from their own lives. This recursive process of embodiment and narrative identity, I pose, also has significant use in allowing players to heal through these embodied experiences. Using an ethnographic approach to autoethnography, I observe in the first article my own experiences playing D&D both as player and Dungeon Master to understand the recursive process between a player, their character, and the other players/characters in the game. In the second article, I take this understanding that D&D is a recursive embodied experience and explore my own healing journey playing my two most recent characters, Shasta and Edris. I found that a character’s embodied experience can interact and overlap with the player’s embodied experience, and that D&D provides opportunity for self-reflection through these experiences to heal and grow.

Available for download on Friday, April 29, 2022