Madison Historical Review

The Madison Historical Review is a peer-reviewed journal operated by the history graduate students at James Madison University. The editorial board reviews and publishes original work by Master's level students in a variety of fields, including: American, World, and Public History. We strive to promote cutting edge scholarship and new ways to address important historical questions. This year we are excited to announce the addition of two new features: exhibit reviews and website reviews. These additions will serve as a forum for historians to share the different ways that history is being presented to public audiences.

Volume 15 Editors

Editorial Board

Blake Bergstrom Daniel Dawson
Trevor Cooper Rachel Carey
Brandon Durbin Craig Schaefer
Joshua Goodall

Associate Editor
Alia Stone
Faculty Advisor
Dr. Philip Herrington

Faculty Review Board

Dr. Kevin Borg Dr. Steven Reich
Dr. Gabrielle Lanier Dr. Chris Arndt
Dr. Steven Guerrier Dr. Michael Galgano
Dr. Kevin Hardwick Dr. Gabrielle Lanier
Dr. J Chris Arndt

Supported by the Graduate History Department at James Madison University