About the Workshop

Welcome to James Madison University, and thank you for participating in the "Science Enabled by Photon Sources: Local Research Interests in Virginia" workshop.

This one-day program will feature research presentations from multiple disciplines, which will illustrate the powerful capabilities of advanced photon sources, and the potential needs of such sources in the Commonwealth’s research community. We hope that new technologies and facilities might be developed locally, boosting up technological advances in fundamental Science, Engineering, Medicine, Energy and Environmental research.

Free-electron lasers (FELs) are an example of a new and developing technology that offers potentially gamechanging opportunities in science, which may boost economic development in diverse fields including medical, environmental and energy research, while offering major advantages in education. JMU is already engaged with the existing Jefferson Lab (JLab) FEL, and aims to leverage this facility in future research and student training. Further, JMU would like to guide the evolution of the JLab photon science capabilities, and we hope that this meeting will serve as a starting platform to inform this initiative. The primary example of a specific JMU related application and area of study with the FEL is in the energy arena, including relaxation dynamics and energy flow in novel materials. JMU faculty, invited subject matter experts, and guest speakers will discuss other areas of application at today’s workshop.