International Journal on Responsibility

The International Journal on Responsibility (IJR) is an international, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary forum for theoretical, practical, and methodological explorations into the various and complex issues of responsibility. Animated by the question “Who or what is responsible to do what for whom?,” IJR is a broad-ranging journal that incorporates insights from the full range of academic and practical inquiry from the humanities and the social and natural sciences related to addressing the diverse aspects of responsibility. Affiliated with the Gandhi Center and published by James Madison University’s Scholarly Commons, IJR is an open access journal that does not charge production costs. It is listed in Ulrich’s Periodicals directory.

IJR publishes scholarship and creative works on responsibility. The contents examine intellectual, practical, policy and ethical issues relating to responsibility. In addition, the journal encourages research and reporting on ways in which responsibility relates to issues ranging from the individual to broad public concern, past, present, and future. Themes include the use of responsibility in academic and nonacademic settings; the development of new perspectives on the topic of responsibility; the application of a focus on responsibility in practical problems; and, the historical and interdisciplinary dimensions of responsibility.

Questions about thematic content regarding a potential submission or to suggest a potential issue should be directed to the Editor, Dr. Heather L. Scheuerman. Questions concerning the manuscript submission process or a submitted article should be directed to the Managing Editor, Sylvia J. Whitney Beitzel.

Support for this journal has been made possible by the Redekop Family Foundation.

Current Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1 (2023) Criminal Justice Agents and Responsibility

Pre-released articles, published ahead of forthcoming full volume.