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Submissions from 2017

JMU Outreach and Engagement Programs: Operations Management - APICS

JMU Outreach and Engagement Programs: Paralegal Studies Certificate

JMU Outreach and Engagement Programs: PBS Teacherline

JMU Outreach and Engagement Programs: Project Management

JMU Outreach and Engagement Programs: Reading Education (M. Ed.)

JMU Outreach and Engagement Programs: R.N. to B.S.N.

JMU Outreach and Engagement Programs: Secure Computer and Database Systems Certificate

JMU Outreach and Engagement Programs: Workforce Development and Test Preparation Programs

JMU Outreach and Engagement Programs: Youth Fencing Camp

JMU Professor and a senior participate in Music for Healing

JMU professor discusses community service 'lifestyle,' teaching history

JMU-RMH Collaborative

JMU Rotaract

JMU Scholarly Commons Digital Collections

JMU Student Employment in CISR

JMU Students and Faculty walk to end Alzheimer's

JMU Students Summer Internships

JMU Students work with Central High School EXED Students

JMU Student United Way

JMU Student Volunteer Experience at Rio 2016 Olympics

JMU Vocal Arts Camp

Jobs in Post-Conflict Recovery Resource

John C. Wells Planetarium

"Journeying Together"

Junior Audition Clinic

Justice Studies Student Society

Kettering Foundation

Kids' Night Out


Kodaly Teacher Training


Leaders in International Friendship Exchange LIFE

Learning Strategies Instruction

Learning Tours

Lego League

Libraries and Educational Technologies

Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI)

LINK program

Lisanby Art History Scholars in Museum Studies

Lisanby Museum

Logic and Reasoning Institute (LRI)

London Shakespeare Course

Madison Advising Peers

Madison Art Collection

Madison Art Collection student internships

Madison Caucus for Gender Equality

Madison Center for Community Development

Madison Collaborative

Madison Community Scholars

Madison Discovery

Madison Equality

Madison Historians

Madison International

Madison Leads Conference

Madison Singers at Augusta Correctional Center

Madison Vision Series

MAD-RUSH Undergraduate Research Conference

Mahatma Gandhi Center for Global Nonviolence

Make Your Mark on Madison (MYMOM)

"Many Voices of Harrisonburg" project

Math428 worked with local free clinic

McMillin Center for Sport Psychology

Mentor Experience

Middle School Leadership Academy (MSLA)

Middle School Visit Program (MVP)

MidValley Consortium for Teacher Education

Montreal Summer Study

Morrison-Bruce Center for Promotion of Physical Activity for Girls and Women

Motivation Research Institute (joint with University Studies)

Movin' and Groovin' Day

MRDs Raise Money for Two Charities

Nasaruni Academy for Maasai Girls

Nelson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Net Impact

Ninth Period

Non-Profit Federal Work Study

Non-Profit Institute (NPI)

Occupational Therapy Clinical Education Services (OTCES) Groups

Off Campus Learning Experience

Off Campus Life

Office of Experiential Learning

Office of Experiential Learning

Office of Research and Scholarship (ORS)

Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices

Office on Children and Youth (OCY)

On Campus learning Experience

Orientation collaborates with Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance

Orientation collaborates with Madison Collaborative and Ethical Reasoning

Orientation Leaders help new students and families transition to JMU

Orientation students enroll in HRD 100

Outreach and Engagement Web Resource Center


Overcoming Barriers

Paige County Integrated Health Care Initiative

Passport to Retirement

“Pathways to Resilience” (P2R)

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

Practicum and Student Teaching

Practicums, Internships, Assistantships in All Disciplines

Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) Program