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Curio Magazine (Undergraduate Publications)

Curio, a magazine highlighting Harrisonburg, Virginia, and its surrounding communities, is published by students in the Media Arts & Design program at James Madison University. Curio is a nonprofit organization supported by the College of Arts and Letters and the School of Media Arts & Design.

Dilemmas in Education: A Casebook for Ethical Reasoning

Because ethical reasoning is an inherent part of the Education profession, our College is positioned to generate quality scholarship in this area. However, few faculty can claim ethics as their primary area of specialty. This project aims to draw on the collective experiences and literature reviews of faculty in our College, and their school and community partners, to develop a representative case study guidebook titled, Dilemmas in Education: A Case Book for Ethical Reasoning. This will be published in the JMU Scholarly Commons. We hope to generate a much deeper understanding of the dilemmas, perspectives and strategies used to apply the Madison Collaborative 8 key questions framework in Education.

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Estes, M. D., & Ingram, R. E. (2018). Dilemmas in education: A casebook for ethical reasoning. Harrisonburg, VA: JMU Scholarly Commons.

e-Vision Journal of Undergraduate Writing (Undergraduate Publications)

From 2000-2012, the e-Vision Journal of First-Year Writing published the excellent work created by students in James Madison University's first-year writing courses. Through twelve volumes, e-Vision and the undergraduate students who served on the e-Vision Editorial Board gave these engaging, provocative, fundamentally useful texts the wider audience they deserve.

All 104 e-Vision essays have been published again through JMU's Scholarly Commons platform. If you've ever wondered just how wide that wider e-Vision audience might be, check out the map at the bottom of the page.

The e-Vision Index: Looking for essays that effectively model a specific tactic or style, or that engage a specific subject? Trying to track down a specific e-Vision writer or essay? The e-Vision indices are still available:

TACTIC and STYLE INDEX: Useful lists of effective essays that offer rhetorical analysis, engage primary and secondary sources, organize and transition between paragraphs, target and connect with a specific audience, begin well and end better, incorporate multimedia, voice….

SUBJECT INDEX: Art, the environment, gender roles, 9/11, racial and ethnic identity, religion and spirituality, writing about reading and writing, technology and dystopia. It's all here.

TITLE INDEX: Browse through 104 really good titles.

AUTHOR INDEX: You love the writer, but cannot remember the name. All 102 e-Vision authors are available here.

To learn more about e-Vision—snapshots from old versions of the e-Vision site, a glimpse or two into the deep e-Vision archives, and contact information—visit the e-Vision website at

International Journal on Responsibility (Faculty Publications)

ISSN 2576-0955

The International Journal on Responsibility (IJR) is an international, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary forum for theoretical, practical, and methodological explorations into the various and complex issues of responsibility. Animated by the question, “Who or what is responsible to do what for whom?” IJR is a broad-ranging journal that incorporates insights from the full range of academic and practical inquiry from the humanities and the social and natural sciences related to addressing the diverse aspects of responsibility.

The IJR publishes papers, comments, and other writings on responsibility. The contents examine intellectual, practical, policy and ethical issues relating to responsibility. In addition, the journal encourages research and reporting on ways in which responsibility relates to issues ranging from the individual to broad public concern, past, present, and future. Themes include the use of responsibility in academic and nonacademic settings; the development of new perspectives on the topic of responsibility; the application of a focus on responsibility in practical problems; and, the historical and interdisciplinary dimensions of responsibility.

James Madison Undergraduate Research Journal (JMURJ) (Undergraduate Publications)

The James Madison Undergraduate Research Journal (JMURJ) is a multidisciplinary, student-run, peer-reviewed undergraduate research journal.

The journal's mission is to promote, publish, and share the excellent scholarly research by undergraduate students across James Madison University. JMURJ seeks to connect James Madison University's undergraduate students in all fields of study with their peers, their school, and their community.

For more information about the James Madison Undergraduate Research Journal and to keep up with the latest news regarding publications and submissions, please check out our website,

Journal of Conventional Weapons Destruction (Center for International Stabilization and Recovery)

ISSN 1533-9440

The Journal of Conventional Weapons Destruction (formerly The Journal of ERW and Mine Action) is a professional trade journal for the humanitarian mine action, explosive remnants of war (ERW), and conventional weapons destruction (CWD) communities. It is a forum for best practices and methodologies, strategic planning, risk education and survivor assistance.

The Journal began in 1997 and is the longest continuous source of information on Mine Action, ERW, and CWD in the world.

Lexia: Undergraduate Journal in Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication (Undergraduate Publications)

Lexia is a student-run online journal that published innovative student work produced by students in The School of Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication from 2013 to 2017. The journal's mission was to publish a range of texts that best represent the students and faculty of WRTC, as well as the disciplines of writing, rhetoric and technical communications.

Lexia published every spring and was created and managed by students enrolled in WRTC 328: Practicum.

Madison Historical Review (Graduate Publications)

The Madison Historical Review is a peer-reviewed journal operated by the history graduate students at James Madison University. The editorial board reviews and publishes original work by Master's level students in a variety of fields, including: American, World, and Public History. We strive to promote cutting edge scholarship and new ways to address important historical questions. This year we are excited to announce the addition of two new features: exhibit reviews and website reviews. These additions will serve as a forum for historians to share the different ways that history is being presented to public audiences.

Madison Magazine (Publications from James Madison University Communications and Marketing)

Madison, the magazine of James Madison University (JMU), is an official publication of JMU produced by the Division of University Advancement. Madison showcases the stories of students, professors, alumni and friends who are engaged with ideas and with the world to advance the civic legacy of President James Madison. JMU is located in Harrisonburg, Virginia, in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

VA Engage Journal

ISSN 2376-7146

The VA Engage Journal promotes engaged scholarship by undergraduate, professional, and graduate students. The journal provides a forum for students to publish research studies (quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods), reflection essays, profiles of practice, and reviews of current literature and engagement practice, all with guidance and mentorship from engaged faculty and staff. Any undergraduate or graduate student enrolled full- or part-time at a two- or four-year college or university in Virginia in the academic year preceding the submission deadline is eligible to submit an article. Submissions with multiple authors are welcome.

Submission window for volume 7: May 1 - August 6th, 2018.